3 Quick Ways to Christmasify Your Website In Minutes

* Amigo, it’s officially Christmas. Have you started worring about how to ‘Christmasify’ your website yet? Right now, I bet you’re caught up in the ‘business as usual’ workload, and the ‘business improvement’ tsunami is looming large over head. You know it’s important for your readers, subscribers, brand and customers to show you’re embracing the Christmas […]

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All aboard the S S Copoet! A digital marketing journey
A ship sits in the wide open sea, a journey awaiting

Embarking on a brand new digital marketing journey Why hullo there! Welcome to Copoet, a demonstration of one fellow’s digital marketing journey from no-hoper to expert copywriter & digital marketer. Strap in, flex those fingers–we don’t want any Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, now–and make yourself comfortable. It’s going to be one helluva ride. My name, by the […]

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