Amigo, it’s officially Christmas. Have you started worring about how to ‘Christmasify’ your website yet?

Right now, I bet you’re caught up in the ‘business as usual’ workload, and the ‘business improvement’ tsunami is looming large over head.

You know it’s important for your readers, subscribers, brand and customers to show you’re embracing the Christmas spirit, but everyone is just – excuse the pun – snowed under.

It’s just snow use (lolz) – you simply don’t have the time to make your website Christmassy! “No Christmas-ifying to see here” says the invisible sign on your homepage. Guess Christmas is cancelled then…right?


Here’s 3 quick ways to get your website in the Christmas spirit in no time

Let’s start with the more difficult of this Holy Trinity:

#1 – Javascript ‘Falling Snow’ (Kirupa)

That falling snow effect you’re seeing on this page?  This is it. Subtle and relatively straightforward to implement, it’s all just in the CSS and Javascript styling. Kirupa is a great source of all things code-y, and once again comes up trumps with this one.

For those with even a small knowledge of code, it’ll take maybe 30 minutes to implement. Anyone with a bit more experience (i.e. minimal, but enough to get by on) should be able to chuck this up in under 20 minutes: Just add the css to your page or stylesheet, pop the html in, and upload the handy Javascript file supplied.

NOTE: For WordPress users, the css needs to be added directly to your stylesheet, found in the follow location through your handy menu:

Appearance > Editor > [Theme]: Stylesheet (style.css) (where you can also change the color).

Seriously, you’ll spend more time fussing over the colour of the snowflake against your background than you probably will implementing the simple steps on Kirupa.

Head over to the Kirupa page to see for yourself how easy it is! >

#2 – WordPress plugins

Plug in and play. There are all sorts of plugins here that you can have fun with – from adding Christmas lights to the top of your pages to going all out with your Christmasifying efforts and covering it with various Christmassy bits.

Honestly, you really can’t go wrong here: they’re all pretty easy to implement and play around with, for minimal fuss.

Just like I said, it’s pretty much just plugin and play >

#3 – Xmasify.me link (FPS)

This is so simple and useful it’s almost a digital marketing Christmas miracle!

Simply visit xmasify.me, drop in the URL you want to Christmasify, and hit that inviting ‘Xmasify now’ button.

It will take you to the page through the xmasify.me site, like so:


…and create this (note my image in the homepage has been, errrr replaced by a Christmassy cat!!)


In action, the page will have falling snow, some Christmassy bits and pieces dotted about (particularly if you have any images on the page), and even better…Christmas music playing. Great stuff.

Sure, maybe it’s a little silly, but that is a part of the Christmas spirit – just having fun.

You could even Christmasify the URLs you send out in your email marketing, for a bit of fun. Just be creative!

Best yet, this requires no moderating yourself. It’s quick, doesn’t require any messing about with your code, and there’s no need to worry about missing something when January looms and you need to get rid of it as quickly as you put it up. Sure it’s a bit silly, but for 30 seconds of your time or less, it’s all worth it for the Christmassy effect viewers of your site will feel.

Start having some Christmassy fun with this nifty tool right now, amigo >

And that’s a wrap!

Now if anyone tries to tell you trying to Christmasify your site isn’t worth it because it takes too long you can prove they’re talking absolute baubles.

Santa another thing (I’m not about to mince pie words here)…

Merry freakin’ Christmas, one & all!!

Have a fantastic time. Now where’s that mulled wine got to…?

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