So you’re looking to hire a freelance copywriter, huh? Well good news! You’ve found one.

Why you should hire me

With more than 3 years of professional copywriting experience I am lucky enough to have worked with a wide variety of clients. Ranging from targeted sports marketing to jargon busting in the financial services industry, time and again I have boosted businesses with my copy, no matter the subject matter.

What kind of copywriting could I do for you?

If you want an affordable freelance copywriter who can

  • produce SEO friendly (AKA search engine optimised) articles and content that appeals to your readers, and brings you real web traffic you can measure
  • suggest kick-ass Page Titles, Meta descriptions, and Social Media posts to give your content the best chance of succeeding
  • write email newsletters that your subscribers will eagerly anticipate
  • create engaging email autoresponders to hook your audience, right from the get-go

…then drop me an email, right away. Let’s chat.

How much do my services cost?

You might be surprised to hear that it’s not all about money here. If you can pitch me the right product, then my already reasonable rates are open to negotiation. Cheesy as it might sound, I do my best work for people who really want their customers to know how great their products, services and events are.

So what do you think?

✓ Yes! I want my audience to love reading about my products and services.

✘ Nah. I’d rather watch some funny cat videos instead.