Google pop-up penalty: Is this the death of pop-ups?
Google is behind a January 2017 update to penalise pop-ups.

Pop-ups and interstitials. Are they soon to be the new prefix to “…is dead”? And is that a good thing? It’s an issue that has divided the digital marketing community. So why are digital marketers suddenly so worried about pop-ups and interstitials? “Hi there, I’m a Google pop-up penalty” On 23rd August 2016, Google announced that […]

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All aboard the S S Copoet! A digital marketing journey
A ship sits in the wide open sea, a journey awaiting

Embarking on a brand new digital marketing journey Why hullo there! Welcome to Copoet, a demonstration of one fellow’s digital marketing journey from no-hoper to expert copywriter & digital marketer. Strap in, flex those fingers–we don’t want any Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, now–and make yourself comfortable. It’s going to be one helluva ride. My name, by the […]

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